Accept Payments On-The-Go

Low processing cost
Encrypted swiper
Supports multi-tender transactions
Email receipts
Integrated gift card program
Automatically syncs with ProCharge
Add items for quick sale
Next day funding and more!

FREE App and Swiper

Interchange or Flat Rate Pricing


Personal Service
24/7 Live Support
FREE Gift Card Program
Signature Capture
Tip & Tax
Online Reports
Next Day Funding

ProCharge® Mobile instantly turns your mobile device into a handheld point of sale, enabling you to process payments, refund customers and reconcile sales anytime, anywhere. It’s the perfect solution for growing your business, driving sales and expanding your customer base without increasing your budget.

We've developed ProCharge Mobile for all types of users. It's so simple to setup and operate, everyone in your business will find it easy to use. Plus, we offer FREE in-house customer service and 24/7 technical support in the case you have questions or need assistance.

Most importantly, ProCharge Mobile has all of the security standards you've come to expect from your payment processor. ProCharge is PCI Compliant, meeting all security protocols, with a card reader that is secure and encrypted. Your business and customer data are always safe!


Take your business everywhere!

  • Easy to use virtual terminal
    Real-time reporting and activity details
    Recurring billing
    secure storage and processing of cardholder data

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Managing your business has never been easier!

All ProCharge applications automatically sync transaction data to ProCharge® Payment Gateway, constantly providing real-time activity and account updates; for example, if you have five team members processing ProCharge Mobile transactions, the activity will automatically update in your payment gateway. You don't have to do a thing!

  •  User-friendly virtual terminal

  •  Real-time reporting and activity details

  •  Recurring billing, e-invoicing and secure storage and processing of cardholder data