Build Awesome Apps in a Snap!

Apptizer lets any business create powerful Mobile Order-Ahead Apps. This powerful marketing tool gives an opportunity to continuously engage with all customers, helping drive more sales and loyalty.


Your customers belong to you!

Not the Aggregate Apps

                    Too Many Choices

  • Integrates with POS, payment systems and Kitchen printers

  • Merchants Own their customer data

  • Send Promos -Drive Sales

  •  Save Money on Orders

  • Customers download App via iOS or Google Play


You can set up your own app with an easy Wizard for FREE.
But Apptizer will set up the App for $500


You can use your own tablet or
Purchase Apptizer's starter kit* for $350

*Starter Kit includes:
New 8" Android Tablet with Apptizer Business Mgr. app pre-installed
Sleek & Stylish Stand to hold tablet
Beautiful POster to announce your new mobile app
An 8.5"X11" Acrylic Slant Poster holder
Getting Started Guide

Subscriptons begin at $45/month
Easy Wizard Setup

Additional Services: 

Support Promo Codes:  $10/month
Loyalty (Digital Punch Card): $10/month
Web Ordering: $45/month
Tipping: $5/month
In-App Payments: $20/month


  • Customizable and flexible Mobile App with zero coding involved

  • Use of 'Digital' Punch Cards to reward loyal customers

  • Run Analytics on Performance - Predict customer behavior

  • Enable easy and secure in-app payments

  • Engage with push notifications to all or individual customers

  • No additional service charges. Apptizer doesn't take a cut.


Benefits of Apptizer Kiosk 

  • Increase in-store sales by attracting new customers

  • Increase in-store sales by offering customers more flexibility with store credit

  • Update menu as an when required without having to reprint menus/catalogs

  • Promote dishes that are selling well

Also: Apptizer KIOSK

  • Eliminate the potential for retail staff and customer conflict
    Process more tickets at a lesser cost = increase profits
    Orders are accurate, eliminating human error