Newest POS System from Harbortouch


Harbortouch Bar & Restaurant is the newest POS sysem available from Harbortouch


Harbortouch Bar & Restaurant will operate on the Elite III. The outer shell is visually identical to the 15" Elite II hardware, but there are many significant improvements:


  • Capacitative Touch Screen: Faster performance and greater vibrancy

  • ARM Processor: Quieter, Cooler and More Efficient = Longer livespan greater stability

  • Operating System: Customized Version of Android

  • Optimized Motherboard Ports: Simpler Cable Management


All Hardware Accessories currently offered by Harbortouch are available for HBR

Base Package:

  • Receipt Printer

  • Customer Display

  • SP 30 Pin Pad

  • Magnetic Swipe

  • Cash Drawer

Optional Accessories:

  • Remote Printer

  • Kitchen Printer

  • Barcode Scanner

  • Kitchen Video

  • Caller ID

  • Scale

 HBR will be optimized with expanded feature sets for Catering and Delivery



HBR uses a hybrid cloud structure with a database on the local station and in the cloud which remain in sync.

Hybrid Cloud



The POS and Lighthouse will operate independently if internet is unavailable and will sync automatically when internet returns.

Additional Services

Remote Access:

Remote support is available

Online Ordering:

Brand New and developed specifically for HBR


Update for use with HBR


Merchant will be able to use Tableside through a Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet.

Lighthouse 4: HBR will integrate with Lighthouse 4 which is native for HBR. Remote POS management built-in.